Dara Yu from Los Angeles, California was only 12 years old when she was one of the 12 contestants on the very first season of MasterChef Junior (2013) which aired on FOX in October of 2013. She is also known as “The Bow Girl” as she was seen wearing many different huge bows on her head as accessories throughout the show. Dara ended up making it to the Finale along with her 13-year-old opponent Alexander In the Finale she served an Ahi tuna duo for appetizer, fried spot prawns with scallop-shrimp wontons and Thai coconut curry sauce of the entree, and poached pears in lemon ginger miso sauce for dessert. Dara ended the season getting second place to Alexander , the first American MasterChef Junior. Gordon Ramsay, one of the judges, claimed, when served the entree, that when was he was her age, he ate "canned tuna with a little mayonnaise" and to him, "and I thought it was the best thing my mother gave me." He mentioned, after the remark, gesturing to her food: "And I wouldn't change a thing."

Even though Dara was runner-up in the competition she claims to have gained “12 new moms and 12 new sisters and brothers” and the experience of a life time. She also states that she has continued to build up her creativity in the kitchen in hopes of going to school to study in restaurants so she can one day open her own. Dara also speaks very passionately about teaching kids how to develop a sophisticated palate and cook even at a young age.

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